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Hannah Huante - howhanseesit
Hannah Huante
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unapologetic fashion and lifestyle follow me on insta for more fashion/style content @howhowseesit


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Hannah tried out Touch In Sol's No Poreblem Priming Water in their video review. They were intrigued by the concept of a no-pore blend priming water and showed their pores up close before applying the product. The priming water had a watery consistency and a pleasant scent. After applying, Hannah noticed a significant improvement in the appearance of their skin, with their pores becoming barely visible. They were impressed with the product and mentioned that they would incorporate it into their summer routine for its ability to make their skin look smooth. Overall, Hannah had a positive experience with the No Poreblem Priming Water, highlighting its effectiveness in minimizing the appearance of pores.

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The Beauty Blending Sponge Set of 2 by ZOE AYLA - VOID was reviewed by Hannah in a video review. Hannah demonstrated the application process and shared her thoughts on the product. She mentioned that the sponges are cute and expand when wet, becoming soft and puffy. Hannah found the sponges to be super soft and smooth on the skin, leaving a light and well-taken care of look. She expressed her love for the product. Overall, the Beauty Blending Sponge Set of 2 by ZOE AYLA - VOID received positive feedback from Hannah, highlighting its softness, smooth application, and the desired result it provided. No potential drawbacks were mentioned in the review.

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The Aurora Glow Kit by Anastasia Beverly Hills VOID was reviewed by Hannah in a video review. Hannah was impressed by the range of colors in the kit, particularly the beautiful purples and golds. She mentioned that while the colors are light, they are still vibrant enough to differentiate between each shade. Hannah described the colors as gorgeous and stated that they would make a perfect addition to any makeup look. Overall, the Aurora Glow Kit received positive feedback from Hannah, with no mention of any drawbacks.

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