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Karen Delgado - karenalexandra
Karen Delgado
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Review by Karen

Skin2Skin Blush Brush 40B

The RMS Beauty Skin2Skin Blush Brush 40B is a soft and gentle brush, according to Karen's video review. While she personally prefers wider and fluffier brushes, she acknowledges that this brush is perfect for those seeking precise blush application. Its soft bristles ensure a comfortable and smooth application. However, Karen mentions that she wishes the brush was slightly bigger. Overall, the Skin2Skin Blush Brush 40B by RMS Beauty is a high-quality brush that delivers precise blush application with its soft bristles, making it a great choice for those who prioritize precision in their makeup routine.

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Review by Karen

Unlocked Length & Definition Mascara

The Unlocked Length & Definition Mascara by Hourglass is highly praised by Karen in her video review. She demonstrates how the mascara separates her eyelashes effectively with just one coat. Even after a long day, the mascara remains intact, as evident from Karen's face. The reviewer describes the mascara as great and amazing, indicating its impressive performance. The product's ability to provide length and definition to the lashes is highlighted as a key benefit. However, no drawbacks or potential limitations are mentioned in the review. Overall, based on Karen's positive experience, the Unlocked Length & Definition Mascara by Hourglass seems to be a reliable and high-quality cosmetic product.

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Review by Karen

Filtered Showerhead

Karen, in her video review, discusses the benefits of the Jolie Skin Filtered Showerhead in Modern chrome color. She highlights that this showerhead filter is essential for those with sensitive skin or those who want to take better care of their hair. The filter ensures that you can shower and get clean with clean water, which is crucial for skin and hair health. Karen, who has rosacea, emphasizes the importance of using this filter to improve skin health. She mentions that she highly recommends the product even though she hasn't opened it yet, as she believes it will be beneficial. Overall, Karen's review suggests that the Jolie Skin Filtered Showerhead is a valuable addition to any bathroom routine, particularly for individuals with sensitive skin or hair concerns.

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