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Clean Skin, Made Modern, Award Winning, Reusable Makeup Remover, Just Add Water


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Video review of Face Halo Original Makeup Remover  3CT by Face Halo
Face Halo
Face Halo
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The Face Halo Original Makeup Remover 3CT by Face Halo is put to the test in this video review. The reviewer, Face, compares it to a regular makeup wipe and shares their experience. They mention that after a full glam makeup application, the makeup wipe didn't effectively remove the foundation and eyebrow product. Despite scrubbing and trying to remove mascara, it only smudged. However, when using the Face Halo glow, Face was able to completely remove the remaining makeup. This side-by-side comparison solidified their love for the Face Halo. Overall, the Face Halo Original Makeup Remover 3CT proves to be a reliable and effective option for removing makeup, leaving the skin clean and refreshed.

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