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Jokia McCall - isthisweirdgirl
Jokia McCall
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I love good scents 💜


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Review: Jokia, an avid user of OLVERUM RESTFUL SLEEP PILLOW MIST, shares her experience in a video review. She emphasizes the effectiveness of this product, stating that she cannot sleep without spraying her pillow one to two times. Not only does she use it for herself, but she also sprays her daughter's pillow and is willing to spray any lonely pillow she encounters on the street at night. Jokia has been using this mist for two weeks, even during her naps, and it consistently provides her with restful sleep and sweet dreams.

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Review by Jokia McCall

Diffuser No.49 Peach Blossom

The Diffuser No.49 Peach Blossom by W.Dressroom has left a lasting impression on Jokia, as she emphasizes the importance of a pleasant-smelling home. With candles becoming increasingly expensive, Jokia sought an affordable alternative that would fill her house with an amazing fragrance. Upon opening the perfume diffuser, she was delighted to find her entire house enveloped in the sweet scent of peach blossom. Jokia praises the diffuser's potency, noting that it is not overwhelming. She also appreciates its compact size, as it fits perfectly on her bookshelf. Overall, Jokia is thrilled with the diffuser, describing it as cute, fragrant, and a long-lasting solution for a beautifully scented home.

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