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Video review of Panda Dream Rose Face Cream by elecktra milani
Verified Buyer

elecktra, in their video review of the Panda Dream Rose Face Cream by TONYMOLY, highlighted several key points. Firstly, they mentioned being obsessed with the packaging, which suggests that it is visually appealing. They also noted that the scent of the cream is not overpowering. elecktra tested the cream on their hand and found it to be non-greasy but slightly runny in consistency. They did mention that the product is a bit pricey at $18.50. However, elecktra recommended checking it out if you're in the market for a new face cream and willing to splurge on yourself. Overall, the Panda Dream Rose Face Cream by TONYMOLY seems to have attractive packaging, a pleasant scent, and a lightweight texture. While it may be on the pricier side, it could be worth considering for those looking for a luxurious face cream.

Video review of Ocean Soothe Psoriasis Treatment Lotion by elecktra milani
Verified Buyer

The Ocean Soothe Psoriasis Treatment Lotion by Abundant Natural Health is a highly recommended product, even by the Psoriasis Foundation. Although elecktra doesn't have psoriasis, they believe it can also help with eczema. The lotion has a pleasant, light scent, which elecktra appreciates. Despite being a bit pricey, elecktra believes it's worth the investment, considering the effectiveness of medicated lotions. If you're struggling with psoriasis or eczema, this lotion is definitely worth a try.

Video review of Butter Melt Lotion Bar by elecktra milani
Verified Buyer

Overall, the Calm Butter Melt Lotion Bar offers a convenient and compact option for moisturizing both hair and body. Its cute packaging adds a touch of charm to the product. However, the oily texture may not be suitable for everyone's preference. Despite this drawback, the lotion bar provides a practical solution for on-the-go hydration.

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