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Jasmine Montuy
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Video review of Everlasting Candle Warmer - White Marble by Jasmine Montuy
Verified Buyer

Jasmine, a satisfied customer, shares her experience with the Everlasting Candle Warmer in White color by Ozarke. Concerned about the safety of traditional candles, she was thrilled to discover this innovative product. The unboxing revealed a sleek marble surface with elegant gold hardware, complementing her room decor perfectly. Jasmine chose the white lampshade, but there are various color options available. She demonstrated the medium setting, which provided a warm ambiance without any risk of burning. Surprisingly, the candle itself remained cool to the touch, making it safe for use. Not only did the candle warmer enhance the room's atmosphere, but it also emitted a pleasant fragrance. Jasmine highly recommends this product, giving it a perfect 10 out of 10 rating. Enjoy the cozy and stylish experience with the Everlasting Candle Warmer by Ozarke.

Video review of Symmetry Plus MagSafe Case for Apple iPhone 14 Pro by Jasmine Montuy
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The key points from Jasmine's review highlight the desire for a change from the ordinary and the satisfaction she found in the Symmetry Plus MagSafe Case. The case not only provides a fresh look but also offers the necessary protection for her iPhone. The MagSafe feature ensures a secure fit and easy attachment of accessories, making it a convenient choice for everyday use.

Video review of  by undefined
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The Juliette Necklace by Chvker Jewelry is a stunning piece that Jasmine raves about in her video review. She was pleasantly surprised to discover that Flip also offers jewelry, particularly the viral Chef Kerr brand. Jasmine had been eager to add some pieces from this brand to her collection, and she was not disappointed. The necklace features beautiful rose detailing, adding a touch of elegance to any outfit. One of the standout features of this necklace is its resistance to tarnishing, ensuring its longevity. Jasmine also appreciates the necklace's size, finding it to be the perfect balance, not too big or overwhelming. Additionally, she loves the convenient non-slip packaging that allows for easy storage. Overall, the Juliette Necklace by Chvker Jewelry is a must-have statement piece that combines style and durability.

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