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Jess Bell - thejessbell
Jess Bell
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Renewing Hand  Body Wash

The Renewing Hand Body Wash by KORA Organics is a must-have product, according to Jess in their video review. Jess highlights that all KORA Organics products are EWG verified, ensuring that the ingredients are safe for both the body and the environment. This body wash stands out for its fantastic scent, which Jess believes is derived from natural ingredients. Jess recommends this product and plans to continue using it. With its skin-friendly formula and delightful fragrance, the Renewing Hand Body Wash by KORA Organics is a great addition to any skincare routine.

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Review by Jess

Pillow Slides™ - Women's

Jess received the Pillow Slides™ - Women's in Oat Latte color as a free gift from Flip. She mentioned that she always keeps an "outside pair of shoes" for daily chores like taking the dog out or doing laundry. Previously, she had a similar pair that melted when left out in the sun, so she hopes this brand performs better. Jess ordered size 10 and 10.5, although she typically wears a 9.5. While there is a little extra room, she sometimes finds them slightly tight in one area. Overall, she likes the Pillow Slides™ so far. She heard that putting them in warm water can help mold them to your feet, although she hasn't tried it yet. Jess would recommend these slides.

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Review by Jess

B.O.M Voyage Cleansing Balm

The B.O.M Voyage Cleansing Balm by Wander Beauty has proven to be a game-changer for Jess, who shared her experience in a video review. Despite having dry skin and dealing with flare-ups due to an autoimmune disease, Jess found relief with this cleansing balm. The product's low toxicity level, rated as a one on the EWG scale, makes it a safe choice for anyone concerned about harmful ingredients. By using this balm, Jess noticed a significant improvement in the dryness and red patches under her eyes, as well as the flakiness on her face. Overall, the Wander Balm Voyage Cleansing Balm has helped Jess restore her skin to its former glory.

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