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Jessica Erbach - jessicasbeautyblog
Jessica Erbach
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Review by Jessica

Tintfit Shine Lip Tint - Merry Orange

The Tintfit Shine Lip Tint in Merry Orange by Moonshot is highly praised by Jessica in her video review. She appreciates how this lip tint effectively stains her lips, ensuring long-lasting color even after the glossiness fades away. Jessica mentions that she loves products that leave a lasting tint, and she plans to purchase more shades. She also points out that the Merry Orange shade perfectly complements her eyelid. Overall, the Tintfit Shine Lip Tint receives a positive assessment from Jessica, highlighting its ability to provide a long-lasting stain and its compatibility with other makeup looks. No potential drawbacks are mentioned in the review.

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Review by Jessica

Lip To Lid Balmies - Cherry

The Lip To Lid Balmies - Cherry by Axiology is a versatile cosmetic product that can be used on both the lips and cheeks. According to Jessica's video review, the shade Cherry is a beautiful color that looks great on the lips. However, she mentions that the product is a little dry, but it improves with use. Jessica also expresses a desire for the packaging to have some kind of outer coating. Overall, the Lip To Lid Balmies - Cherry offers a cute and petite design, a beautiful color, and the ability to be used on multiple areas of the face. Adding a gloss on top enhances the look.

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Review by Jessica

Overshadow Mineral Shadow 0.02oz

The Overshadow Mineral Shadow 0.02oz by theBalm Cosmetics is highly praised by Jessica in her video review. She describes the shade as a beautiful coppery rose, perfect for a simple eye look. Jessica mentions using a bronzer as a base and highlights the impressive pigment of the loose shadow. She emphasizes that the color is stunning and loves how it enhances her overall makeup. Overall, the Overshadow Mineral Shadow receives a positive assessment, with its key benefits being its pretty color and ability to elevate any eye look. No potential drawbacks are mentioned in the review.

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