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Joia Talbott
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Video review of Matte Lipstick - Charming C by Joia Talbott
Joia Talbott
Joia Talbott
Verified Buyer

The Matte Lipstick - Charming C in Red color by Peach C is highly praised by reviewer Joia in their video review. Joia mentions that they love wearing red and pink lip colors, often paired with a brown liner for an ombre effect. They also enjoy mixing the brown and red shades together for a darker red color. Joia compares the Charming C lipstick to the iconic Ruby Woo by MAC and Rihanna, stating that it may give it a run for its money. They describe the Charming C shade as beautiful and versatile, suitable for all skin tones. Joia receives many questions about this lip color and highly recommends it. Overall, the Matte Lipstick - Charming C in Red color by Peach C seems to be a high-quality product with a desirable shade.

Video review of  by Joia Talbott
Joia Talbott
Joia Talbott
Verified Buyer

The Ice Cream Cone LippyClip - void Lip Balm Holder by LippyClip - void is a must-have accessory for anyone who constantly misplaces their lip balm. Joia, the reviewer, shares her frustration with losing her chapsticks and praises the LippyClip - void for its functionality, convenience, and cuteness. She mentions how she keeps lip balms in various places for easy accessibility but always struggles to find them when needed. The LippyClip - void has solved this problem for her, saving not only her lips but also her sanity. While the review does not mention any drawbacks, it highlights the product's ability to keep lip balms organized and within reach. Overall, the Ice Cream Cone LippyClip - void Lip Balm Holder is a practical and adorable solution for those who frequently misplace their lip balms.

Video review of Raspberry Gloss & Coconut Perfume by Joia Talbott
Joia Talbott
Joia Talbott
Verified Buyer

The Raspberry Gloss & Coconut Perfume by Blossom is a Duo Perfume and Lip Gloss Roll-On that offers a beautiful addition to your makeup vanity. However, according to Joia's review, there are some drawbacks to this product. The lip gloss has a dry texture and does not provide the desired effect when applied. Additionally, the roll-on coconut perfume has a light scent that may not be long-lasting or impactful. Despite these drawbacks, the product's packaging is visually appealing and convenient for on-the-go application. Overall, the Raspberry Gloss & Coconut Perfume by Blossom may not meet expectations in terms of lip gloss moisture and perfume intensity, but it still offers a visually pleasing option for makeup enthusiasts.

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