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Mandy Jones - jonean1
Mandy Jones
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I am a seasoned 50 fun lovin grams who loves ❤️ lotions 🧪 potions and notions.


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Mandy's video review of the Glitter Gel - Purple by Unicorn Snot showcases the product's sparkly and fun nature. She demonstrates how the gel can be applied to the face, leaving a shimmering effect. Mandy suggests that this product would make a great gift for little girls, moms, and grandmas alike. The gel is described as feeling good on the skin, and Mandy expresses her love for it. However, it is unclear whether she believes it should be given to her or not. Overall, the Glitter Gel - Purple by Unicorn Snot appears to be a playful and enjoyable cosmetic product that can add a touch of sparkle to any occasion.

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Mandy's video review of the Vanish Airbrush Concealer in Sepia color by Hourglass highlights her love for the product. She mentions that when she applies the concealer, she feels a sense of control and is drawn to the color. Mandy appreciates how the concealer blends seamlessly with her skin, giving her a natural look. She also mentions that the concealer has a long-lasting effect and does not require frequent touch-ups. Overall, Mandy is impressed with the product and believes it enhances her appearance. However, she does not mention any potential drawbacks or areas for improvement.

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The Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner in Charcoal color by Covergirl was reviewed by Mandy in a video review. Mandy mentioned that she didn't find the eyeliner to be as precise as its name suggests. However, she did appreciate the affordable price point and mentioned that she would continue using it on her waterline. Mandy also liked the smudgy effect that could be achieved with the sponge blender on the other end of the eyeliner. She mentioned that as she is getting older, she prefers creamier eyeliners that go on smoothly due to her crepey eyelids. Overall, Mandy found the Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner to be a decent and inexpensive option for her needs.

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