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Julia Ca
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sharing my love for makeup and giving my honest reviews 🩷


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Review by Julia

Big Mood Waterproof Mascara

Julia reviewed e.l.f. Cosmetics Big Mood Waterproof Mascara and was impressed with the size of the tube and the wand. Julia found the mascara to be lightweight and waterproof, and noted that it stayed in place all day without running. Julia was also a fan of the packaging, and highly recommends the mascara.

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Review by Julia

Un Cover Up Concealer - 00

The Un Cover Up Concealer - 00 in N00 color by RMS Beauty is highly praised by Julia in her video review. She commends the sleek and appealing packaging of the product. Julia finds the concealer to be creamy and easy to blend, providing excellent coverage that effectively hides dark circles. She appreciates the long-lasting formula, even during periods of movement. The warmth of her skin helps the concealer melt seamlessly into her complexion. Overall, Julia is a big fan of the Un Cover Up Concealer and plans to continue using it.

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Review by Julia

Eye Polish

The Eye Polish in Utopia color by RMS Beauty is highly recommended by Julia in her video review. She praises the sleek and luxurious packaging of the product. Julia describes the shade as shimmery and cute, perfect for highlighting the eyes. She prefers using her finger to apply the polish, as it gives the best outcome. Julia is impressed by the buttery and soft texture of the polish, which glides smoothly onto the eyelids and blends easily. She mentions that she is not a huge eyeshadow person, but loves the ease of use and the fact that it looks good when applied. Overall, Julia is obsessed with the Eye Polish and plans to purchase it in more colors.

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