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Cam ✨
Cam ✨
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Cam recently reviewed the Dawn Essential Spray 2oz by Aiden & Coco. This essential spray is 100% natural and alcohol-free, making it a great choice for those who prefer clean and cruelty-free products. Cam mentioned that the mist is incredibly fine, which adds to the overall experience. They particularly enjoy using it before bed as it helps them relax, de-stress, and get a better night's sleep. Overall, the Dawn Essential Spray seems to be a beneficial addition to anyone's routine, providing a refreshing and calming experience. However, it's important to note that the review did not mention any potential drawbacks or limitations of the product.

Video review of Hand Sanitizer by Cam ✨
Cam ✨
Cam ✨
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The Hand Sanitizer 4 fl oz by Firsthand Supply, as discussed by Cam in their video review, offers a unique combination of qualities that make it stand out. With a 70% alcohol content, it strikes a balance between a gel and a spray, drying faster than the former but slower than the latter. While the initial smell of alcohol may be strong, it transforms into a pleasant blend of lavender and tea tree, reminiscent of essential oils. The product's commitment to sustainability is evident in its 100% recyclable glass bottle. Additionally, it is cruelty-free, sulfate-free, and paraben-free. Overall, this hand sanitizer provides an effective and eco-friendly option for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.

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Cam ✨
Cam ✨
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Cam, in her video review, shares her positive experience with the Reusable Menstrual Cup - M1 by Lunette. She appreciates the clever packaging that reads "You're bloody awesome" and highlights the cup's durability, lasting up to 10 years with proper care. Cam emphasizes the cost-effectiveness of menstrual cups in the long run and their positive impact on the environment. She suggests watching tutorials or reading the instructions for proper insertion and removal techniques. Cam mentions that depending on one's flow, the cup may need to be emptied more frequently, but for her, once in the morning and once in the evening suffices. She also compares the Lunette cup to a green one, noting that it's slightly smaller and may require trimming the tip. Cam loves the included pouch for convenient storage and travel. She advises boiling the cup before and after use for hygiene purposes. Overall, Cam's review highlights the benefits of the Lunette Menstrual Cup, including its longevity, eco-friendliness, and practical features like the pouch.

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