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Justine Heinitz - justinemuriel96
Justine Heinitz
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Review by Justine

Wu-Brow Everlasting Love Brow Gel

Justine is excited to try out the Wu-Brow Everlasting Love Brow Gel in Medium color by Jason Wu Beauty. She appreciates the simple and fabulous packaging and is intrigued by the claim that it stays on during hot yoga, which she loves. However, she initially finds the applicator to be a little weird and opts to use an old brow brush instead. Despite this, she likes the color and the feel of the product on her brows. Justine hopes that it will stay on all day. Overall, the Wu-Brow Everlasting Love Brow Gel has potential benefits such as long-lasting wear and a pleasing color, but the applicator may require some extra work.

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Review by Justine

Vegan Collagen Lash Serum Primer

Justine is excited about the Vegan Collagen Lash Serum Primer by Pacifica, as she doesn't wear mascara often due to irritation and lash damage. She finds the bottle cute and feels like an ice princess with frosted lash tips. Justine suggests using this product at home or before applying mascara, possibly overnight. Working from home, she plans to use it daily for long, healthy lashes. Overall, Justine's initial impression is positive, emphasizing the potential benefits of this vegan collagen lash serum primer. However, she doesn't mention any drawbacks or specific results from using the product.

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Review by Justine

Magnesium Tablets  30CT

Justine, a satisfied user of Elm and Rye's Magnesium Tablets 30CT, shares her positive experience with the product. She mentions that she has always been aware of her low iron and magnesium levels, especially since her college days of running in cross-country. However, she had stopped taking supplements until she discovered these magnesium tablets. Justine is thrilled with the results she has seen so far. She notices improvements in her hair growth, complexion, and overall energy levels. She emphasizes the importance of magnesium for one's health and recommends these tablets for anyone who may be lacking in this essential mineral. Justine's increased energy has positively impacted her job performance and outdoor activities, making her feel on top of the world. Overall, she highly suggests Elm and Rye's Magnesium Tablets 30CT for those seeking a natural boost in energy and overall well-being.

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