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Kar Kara
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INSTAGRAM & BUSINESS 鉁夛笍 : @Karheger_ 馃 Palm Beach


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Kar reviewed the Heart Melter Lip Gloss in Sweet talk color by KAJA in a video. They mentioned using a Mario dupe as a base and then applying the KAJA lip gloss on top for a beautiful transparent finish. Kar praised the gloss for giving their lips "unfair volume." The final look was described as impressive. Overall, the KAJA Heart Melter Lip Gloss in Sweet talk color seems to be a great product that provides volume and a beautiful finish. However, it is worth noting that the video review did not mention any potential drawbacks or cons of the product.

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Kar, in their video review, describes the Gloss Shot Lip Gloss in Crystal clear color by KAJA as a perfect 10. They emphasize its exceptional qualities without elaborating further. The reviewer's enthusiasm suggests that the product is highly impressive. The Gloss Shot Lip Gloss is likely to provide a glossy finish, enhancing the natural beauty of the lips. However, without additional information, it is challenging to assess the potential drawbacks or specific benefits of this lip gloss. Overall, based on Kar's positive reaction, it seems that the Gloss Shot Lip Gloss by KAJA is a high-quality product worth considering for those seeking a crystal-clear lip gloss.

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