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Keidra Dedominicis - keidrabelle
Keidra Dedominicis
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Beauty | Self- Growth | Mermaids | Product Junkie


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Most popular reviews by Keidra Dedominicis

Review by Keidra Dedominicis

Last Lipstick Red Series III - Decadence

The Last Lipstick Red Series III - Decadence in Red color by BBIA was reviewed by Keidra in a video. Keidra expressed her love for a classic red lip look and praised the packaging and appearance of the lipstick. She found the shade (14) to be beautiful on her skin tone and recommended it to others. Overall, Keidra had a positive experience with the product and felt that it was a great choice for a nice red lippy. However, no potential drawbacks or specific benefits were mentioned in the transcription.

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Review by Keidra Dedominicis

Honey Fluff Matte Lip Cream

Keidra, a reviewer, tried the Honey Fluff Matte Lip Cream in the Luminous color by Jason Wu Beauty. Being a fan of browns and nudes, she was excited to see how this shade would look on her. She found the application process to be easy and loved how the color looked on her. The lip cream provided a matte finish and gave her a luminous look. Overall, Keidra seemed impressed with the product and did not mention any drawbacks. The Honey Fluff Matte Lip Cream in Luminous color by Jason Wu Beauty appears to be a promising choice for those who prefer natural-looking lip colors with a matte finish.

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Review by Keidra Dedominicis

Eyelash Adhesive

The Eyelash Adhesive by Lavaa Beauty is receiving rave reviews from Keidra. According to her video review, this adhesive is truly amazing. Its easy application makes it a perfect choice for beginners. Keidra simply uses the wand to apply a thin strip on her lash, and voila! Her lashes stay put all day without any lifting on the corners. She also mentions that there is no mess involved, which is a huge plus. Overall, Keidra highly recommends this eyelash glue for its hassle-free application and long-lasting hold. If you're looking for a reliable adhesive that won't let you down, give the Eyelash Adhesive by Lavaa Beauty a try.

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