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Kenya McDole - kenyamcdole
Kenya McDole
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Kenya, a satisfied customer of VERB, is back with another product review. She expresses her happiness with everything she has picked up from VERB, including the Curl Conditioner. Kenya loves using this conditioner as a leave-in treatment, even though she already has a separate leave-in conditioner. She praises the Curl Conditioner for its versatility, as it combines the benefits of a regular conditioner and a leave-in conditioner in one product. Kenya highly recommends this product, especially for those with curly hair that tends to get dry in unpredictable weather. She encourages everyone to try out the entire VERB line, as she personally loves it. So, if you're looking to nourish and hydrate your curls, Kenya suggests picking up the Curl Conditioner by VERB and experiencing the wonders of this all-in-one product.

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Kenya, a reviewer, highly recommends VERB's Curl Shampoo for those in search of a gentle yet effective cleanser. She emphasizes the shampoo's ability to thoroughly cleanse the hair without stripping it of moisture, making it ideal for curly hair. Kenya praises the shampoo's compatibility with the curly girl method, ensuring that it keeps the hair moisturized while providing a clarifying cleanse. She personally experienced minimal hair loss while using the shampoo, even when using it as a co-wash. Kenya suggests opting for the larger 32-ounce bottle to stock up on this curly girl-friendly gem. Overall, VERB's Curl Shampoo is a must-have for those seeking a shampoo that cleanses without compromising hair health.

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Kenya, in her video review, shares her experience with the Loves You Back 3IN1 Powder Foundation in Caramel 3 color by The Good Mineral. She mentions that this product gives her skin a natural and improved appearance. One minor issue she notices is that it may require some additional eye makeup and eyebrow contouring. However, she appreciates how this foundation provides a fresh look without the need for heavy makeup. Overall, Kenya expresses her satisfaction with the product, stating that it gives her skin a healthy glow and prevents a dull, lifeless appearance. The Loves You Back 3IN1 Powder Foundation in Caramel 3 color by The Good Mineral seems to be a reliable choice for those seeking a lightweight and natural-looking foundation.

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