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Kezhal Dashti - kezhaldashti
Kezhal Dashti
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Dashti Media Co-Founder • Skincare, Beauty, & Lifestyle • Wife • Dog Mom • Cancer Survivor


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The Multistick - Rosey Posey 0.17oz by Glam & Grace was reviewed by Kezhal in a video review. Kezhal mentioned that the product is supposed to be a cheek blush, but it lacks pigment. The packaging received was not a favorite, but the stick feels creamy. However, Kezhal expressed disappointment in the lack of pigment, suggesting that it may not be worth the investment. Overall, the Multistick - Rosey Posey by Glam & Grace seems to have a creamy texture but falls short in delivering the desired pigmentation. Potential buyers may want to explore other options.

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Flip presents the Mega Color Lip Balm - Honey Bunch 0.14oz by Glam & Grace, as reviewed by Kezhal. In her 15-second video review, Kezhal praises the lip balm's compact size, making it convenient to carry in a purse. She expresses her satisfaction with the product, highlighting how it feels on her lips. However, Kezhal mentions that the only downside is the color she received, which she admits is a personal preference. Overall, she concludes that the Glam & Grace Lip Balm is a great product. With its moisturizing formula and portable packaging, this lip balm offers a convenient and enjoyable lip care experience.

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Overall, the Vitamin To-Glow Pack Trio seems to have its strengths in the moisturizer and lip mask, providing a pleasant experience and effective results. However, the pink color of the vitamin C serums may not be to everyone's liking. Despite this drawback, the positive aspects of the product, as highlighted by Kezhal, make it worth considering for those in search of a moisturizer and lip mask that deliver satisfying outcomes.

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