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Kierstin Carter
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Review by Kierstin

Portable Lint Brush

In summary, the Portable Lint Brush by MrFluffyFriend offers a convenient and innovative way to remove lint and hair. Its twist mechanism effectively collects hair, making it suitable for removing human hair. However, it may not be as effective for removing dog hair, particularly for smaller breeds. Despite this drawback, the brush provides a practical solution for those looking to quickly and easily remove lint from their clothing.

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Review by Kierstin

Advanced In-Wash Scent Booster

In summary, Kierstin's video review highlights the delightful scent of the Indonesian Patchouli color Advanced In-Wash Scent Booster by Laundry Sauce. She praises its balanced fragrance, compact packaging, and the fact that a small amount is sufficient for a full load of laundry. Overall, Kierstin highly recommends this product, emphasizing its effectiveness and pleasant scent.

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Review by Kierstin

Venture Pal 64 Oz Motivational Water Bottle With Storage Sleeve and Adjustable Strap - Comes With a Complimentary Cleaning Brush and Straw Brush

Kierstin expresses her excitement upon receiving the Venture Pal water bottle, stating that she is a cup girl and this might become her new favorite. She highlights the bottle's capacity of 64 ounces and showcases the contents, including a cleaning brush and straw cleaner. The bottle also comes with a lanyard for easy carrying. Kierstin admires the holographic design, mentioning its iridescent rainbow look. She appreciates the pouch for storing her phone and notes that the bottle smells like new gym equipment. She plans to use it at work to avoid frequent refills.

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