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Kylie Gilmore - kjgilm3
Kylie Gilmore
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I’m Kylie 💫 I work with students full time and love rating beauty products on the side 🥰


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Review by Kylie

Lash Lifter Mini Comb

The Lash Lifter Mini Comb by Almost Famous was reviewed by Kylie in a video. She used it with her Bye Bye Panda Eye mascara and applied a second coat before using the comb. Kylie mentioned that the package did not come with instructions, so she wasn't sure if she should wait for the mascara to dry before combing. However, she believed that combing wet lashes would make them more moldable. Overall, Kylie found the comb to be effective, although not amazing. She did not mention any specific benefits or drawbacks of the product.

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Review by Kylie

bye panda eyes! vol. def. masc.

Kylie's video review of the bye panda eyes! vol. def. masc. by essence highlights the effectiveness of this mascara in providing length and a pop to the lashes. She mentions that it works well with her tattoo eyeliner and is particularly concerned about avoiding panda eyes. Kylie is pleased with the results, stating that her lashes look fabulous and she feels like she could fly away. She plans to apply a second coat to test its staying power. Overall, the bye panda eyes! vol. def. masc. by essence seems to be a promising product that delivers on its claims of lengthening and defining lashes without smudging.

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Review by Kylie

Sleep + Dietary Supplement 30ct

The Sleep + Dietary Supplement 30ct by The Nue Co. is a game-changer when it comes to getting a good night's sleep. According to Kylie's video review, these pills are worth every penny. By taking one pill 30 minutes before bed, users can fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. Unlike other sleep aids, Kylie highlights that the ingredients in these supplements are transparent, unlike the mystery behind Tylenol PM. With a 30-day supply, users have the flexibility to take these pills as needed for an extra boost. Overall, Kylie's review suggests that the Sleep + Dietary Supplement 30ct is a reliable and effective solution for those struggling with sleep issues.

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