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Kristy B.
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welcome! sharing all things home, lifestyle and candles ✺ ✺ ✺


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Maison Louis-Marie's No.11 La Thémis Candle is a delightful addition to any space. Kristy's video review highlights the minty and earthy scent that permeates the room even before opening the box. The accurate scent descriptions transport her to a tea shop, evoking memories of the refreshing aroma of mint teas. The vessel's beauty, the candle's even wax melting, and the moderate warmth all contribute to a wonderful experience. Kristy's enthusiasm shines through as she declares this candle as her new favorite, highly recommending it. With its enticing fragrance and impeccable performance, No.11 La Thémis Candle by Maison Louis Marie is a must-have for candle enthusiasts.

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Maison Louis Marie's Antidris Lavender Candle has received high praise from reviewer Kristy. She describes the scent as reminiscent of a beautiful lavender field, with a subtle warmth when it's burning. The candle's moderate scent throw and exquisite etched packaging add to its appeal. Kristy mentions that this is her fifth candle from Maison Louis Marie, indicating her continued satisfaction with their products. She also highlights the brand's commitment to being vegan and cruelty-free, as well as their contribution to reforestation efforts through the National Forest Foundation. Overall, Kristy's positive experience and loyalty to Maison Louis Marie's candles make a compelling case for trying out the Antidris Lavender Candle.

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