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Jovita Ann - memydoodsandi
Jovita Ann
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a girl and her dog ❤️🐾 we cook. we play. we share.


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Video review of Radiance Mask - 5CT by Jovita Ann
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The Radiance Mask - 5CT by Kibon Beauty is a brightening and repairing facial sheet mask that Jovita recommends in her video review. Formulated with natural flower extracts, this mask helps reveal glowy, plump skin. Jovita enjoys starting her spa routine with some chin scratches and puppy kisses with her dog, Luca. She then lets the mask sit on her face for 15 to 20 minutes, giving Luca a little spa treatment in the meantime. According to Jovita, the juicy ingredients in the mask work their magic during this time. Overall, Jovita's experience with the Radiance Mask is positive, highlighting its ability to leave the skin looking radiant and plump. However, it's important to note that the review does not mention any potential drawbacks of the product.

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Jovita, a dog enthusiast, presents a delightful review of the Teddy Bear Dog Costume by Silver Paw. Despite it being July, Jovita emphasizes the upcoming Halloween season and showcases the cuteness of this costume. She mentions that while the legs may be a bit short, the costume fits well in the chest area. However, Jovita points out that the hat is a little snug. Nevertheless, her mom still finds her adorable in it. Jovita seeks the opinion of her viewers, asking whether she should keep the costume or let it go. Overall, the Teddy Bear Dog Costume by Silver Paw appears to be a charming option for dressing up your furry friend, with its snug fit and undeniable cuteness.

Video review of  by undefined
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The Rabbit & Moose Dog Toys 2 Pack by Silver Paw were put to the test by Jovita's dog, Luca. Luca found these toys to be durable and fun to play with. The toys were initially inspected by Luca's mom, who removed the tags before Luca began his product testing. Luca started with Moose, and it seemed to be holding up well during the initial tug test. However, after 24 hours of aggressive chewing, Moose didn't fare so well. On the other hand, Bunny still looked good. Jovita gave these toys three stars for cuteness but noted that they may not be as durable as expected. Overall, the Rabbit & Moose Dog Toys 2 Pack by Silver Paw offer entertainment and cuteness, but may not withstand heavy chewing.

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