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Becca Paschall - laidbacklizard
Becca Paschall
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clean-ish beauty ✨


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Becca, in her video review, praises the Un Cover Up Concealer - 22.5 in N22.5 color by RMS Beauty for its effectiveness in concealing under-eye imperfections. She mentions that the shade 22.5 perfectly matches her skin tone. Becca suggests using the product with fingers rather than a brush due to its pot packaging. She also appreciates its compact size, making it convenient for on-the-go touch-ups. Overall, the Un Cover Up Concealer receives positive feedback from Becca, highlighting its ability to blend seamlessly with the skin and its portable packaging. However, no drawbacks or negative aspects of the product are mentioned in the review.

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The 75 Warm Eye Shadow Palette by ROEN is highly blendable, according to Becca's video review. She found it easy to blend the shades using her finger or the side of her pinky. Becca particularly loved the lightest shade, which she applied on her inner corner, noting that the gold shade added something special to her look. Overall, the palette impressed Becca with its ability to create beautiful eye looks. However, the review does not mention any potential drawbacks or issues with the product.

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The vowBROW Pencil in Medium color by ROEN is highly praised by Becca in her video review. She mentions that the pencil comes in three shades, with the founder of the brand explaining that these shades are all that is needed. Becca specifically uses the medium shade and loves the fine pencil, which allows for precise hair-like strokes. She starts at the tails of her brows, where she needs the most filling in, and then lightly fills in the front. Becca appreciates the versatility of the pencil, being able to create darker strokes by applying more pressure. Overall, the vowBROW Pencil in Medium color by ROEN seems to be a great product for achieving natural-looking brows with ease.

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