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Laura Pavek - ladyjoker2010
Laura Pavek
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beauty hacks, affordable products, and 100% honest reviews follow me on tiktok for even more creative magic


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Review by Laura

Puff Puff Pass Setting Powder

Laura, in her video review, demonstrates the application of the Puff Puff Pass Setting Powder in Translucent color by KimChi Chic Beauty Void 2. She mentions that after applying the powder, it gives an airbrush finish, which she loves. The powder is easy to brush off once applied. Overall, the product seems to have a positive effect on the skin, providing a smooth and flawless finish. However, since the review is brief, it does not mention any potential drawbacks or specific benefits of the product. Nonetheless, based on Laura's feedback, the Puff Puff Pass Setting Powder appears to be a reliable setting powder option for achieving an airbrushed look.

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Review by Laura

SOLID LAVENDER Sponge & Brush Cleanser

Laura raves about the SOLID LAVENDER Sponge & Brush Cleanser by Beautyblender in her video review. She mentions that it comes with a mat, but she prefers to use her own because it's bigger. She demonstrates how the cleanser effectively cleans her brushes, leaving them looking brand new. She even mentions that her puff looks fantastic after using the product. Laura is impressed with the cleanser and highly recommends it to others. However, she apologizes for her sniffles, attributing them to the season change. Overall, the SOLID LAVENDER Sponge & Brush Cleanser by Beautyblender receives a glowing review from Laura, who considers it her go-to cleanser.

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