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Justa Doti - leodoti1975
Justa Doti
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Review by Justa

Glitter Lip Gloss - Blue

Justa's video review of the Glitter Lip Gloss - Blue by Unicorn Snot highlights the product's appeal. The reviewer loves the name and the fact that it contains glitter. They describe the lip gloss as cute and sheer, adding a subtle touch of glitter without being overwhelming. Justa recommends it as a stocking stuffer for kids, expressing their personal love for the product multiple times. Overall, the review portrays the Glitter Lip Gloss - Blue as an affordable and attractive option for those who enjoy a touch of sparkle in their lip products.

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Review by Justa

Taupe it up! eyeshadow palette

The Taupe it up! eyeshadow palette by essence was reviewed by Justa in a video. Justa showcased the top colors of the palette and described them as soft and pretty. They mentioned that if someone is looking for shades in the gray family, this palette would be a good choice. Justa attempted to show the different colors in the video, emphasizing their beauty. Overall, the palette seems to have a positive impression, with its soft and pretty shades being its main benefit. However, without further information, it is difficult to assess any potential drawbacks of the product.

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