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Lilly Abington - lillyybearr
Lilly Abington
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My favorite finds 😇


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Lilly, a coffee enthusiast, was thrilled to try the new Amber Caramel Syrup by Red Rooster Coffee Roaster. Although not specifically designed for coffee, Lilly decided to use it in her signature caramel vanilla ice latte. She was blown away by the quality and taste of the syrup, claiming it to be the best latte she had ever made herself. With these syrups, Lilly confidently stated that she would never have to visit Starbucks again. The versatility of the syrups also impressed her, as they can be used in various beverages. Overall, Lilly highly recommends the Amber Caramel Syrup for its exceptional quality and ability to elevate homemade coffee creations.

Video review of ESSENTIAL GLASSWARE by Lilly Abington
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Overall, Lilly's review portrays the ESSENTIAL GLASSWARE as a stylish and practical addition to any home. The vibrant green color adds a touch of elegance, while the set of four ensures there are enough glasses for daily use. The versatility of these glasses makes them suitable for various beverages, including refreshing iced lattes.

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Lilly, a satisfied customer, shares her positive experience with the Monstera 'Split-Leaf' in Nursery color byHouse Plant Shop. She was initially skeptical about receiving plants in the mail, but upon opening the package, she was amazed by the plant's vibrant and healthy appearance. It seemed as if it had just been freshly dug from the ground and delivered to her doorstep. Lilly expresses her love for the plant's beauty and mentions how it will enhance the aesthetics of her new apartment. Overall, Lilly's review highlights the excellent quality and vitality of the Monstera 'Split-Leaf' plant, making it a great choice for anyone looking to add a touch of natural elegance to their living space.

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