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Marie Arsenault - littlebutch
Marie Arsenault
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Review by Marie

Double Date Eyeshadow Duo

Marie's video review of the Double Date Eyeshadow Duo in Smittin-swoon color by Wander Beauty was filled with excitement and enthusiasm. She expressed her joy with multiple "woo"s throughout the transcription. While she did not provide specific details about the product's performance or application, her positive reaction suggests that she was impressed. Marie's energetic response indicates that the eyeshadow duo has a captivating and appealing color. However, without further information, it is difficult to assess the product's overall quality and potential drawbacks. Overall, Marie's video review conveys a sense of delight and satisfaction with the Double Date Eyeshadow Duo in Smittin-swoon color by Wander Beauty.

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Review by Marie

Hydra Lip Tint

Marie's video review of the Hydra Lip Tint in Picnic plum color by Illamasqua was unfortunately cut off, making it difficult to gather specific details about her experience with the product. However, she did mention being a fan of Illamasqua and expressed her ability to "put you in" the lip tint. While the transcription is incomplete and lacks substantial information, it is clear that Marie has a positive impression of the product. The Hydra Lip Tint is likely to provide a long-lasting and vibrant plum color, as well as a hydrating formula. However, without further information, it is challenging to provide a comprehensive assessment of the product's benefits and drawbacks.

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Review by Marie

I like to mauve it! eyeshadow palette

Marie's video review of the "I like to mauve it!" eyeshadow palette by essence highlights the energizing and sensory experience she had while using the product. She mentions feeling a rush of memories and being intoxicated by the vibrant shades. The palette seems to offer a variety of colors that allow for creative eye looks. However, the transcription does not provide any specific details about the performance or quality of the eyeshadows. Overall, Marie's review suggests that the palette is enjoyable to use and provides a sense of excitement, but it would be helpful to have more information about the pigmentation, blendability, and longevity of the shades.

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