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The reviewer, Liz, tried the Iconic London Brow Silk Kit and was impressed with the results. She mentioned that she has naturally thick eyebrows and had been searching for a product that would make them stand up and stay up. The Brow Silk Kit exceeded her expectations in terms of providing structure and lift to her brows. Liz highlighted the difference between her brows before and after using the product, emphasizing how one brow stood up while the other did not. She expressed her satisfaction with the product and stated that it did exactly what she had hoped for. Overall, Liz's review of the Brow Silk Kit by Iconic London was positive, praising its ability to give her brows the desired look and hold.

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Review by Liz

Putty Blush - Bora Bora

Liz, in her video review, discusses the e.l.f. Cosmetics Putty Blush in the shade Bora Bora. She mentions that there is a rumor that this blush is a dupe for the Dior blush that has gained popularity on TikTok and Instagram, even being loved by Kylie Jenner. Liz applies the blush using a beauty blender and notes that it goes on smoothly with a bright and beautiful finish. She is impressed with how easily it blends and mentions that it looks great even without her light on. Overall, Liz seems to be pleased with the e.l.f. Cosmetics Putty Blush in Bora Bora, praising its smooth application and impressive finish.

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