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Lora  Arellano - loraarellano
Lora Arellano
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Video review of Blush Trio by Lora  Arellano
Lora  Arellano
Lora Arellano
Verified Buyer

Lora's video review of the Blush Trio in Babe from st. tropez color by Jason Wu Beauty highlights several key points. She starts by praising the blush trio, particularly the lightest color which provides a slight sheen while maintaining a matte finish. Lora demonstrates the application process, gently tapping the brightest color onto the compact and applying it to the apples of her cheeks. She describes the resulting look as peachy and fresh. Overall, Lora seems to be impressed with the blush trio, emphasizing its ability to provide a natural-looking flush. However, she does not mention any potential drawbacks or negatives about the product.

Video review of Jason the Freckled Boy Freckle Liner by Lora  Arellano
Lora  Arellano
Lora Arellano
Verified Buyer

The Jason the Freckled Boy Freckle Liner by Jason Wu Beauty is a freckle product that Lora is excited about. She mentions that the instructions advise applying the product in little clusters on the face and allowing it to set for a few seconds before patting it dry. Lora describes the product as almost like a stain, creating darker bits that resemble natural freckles. Although she admits needing improvement in placement, she finds the overall result cute. Lora's positive feedback suggests that the freckle liner effectively enhances the appearance of freckles, providing a desirable and natural-looking effect. However, it is important to note that Lora does not mention any potential drawbacks or limitations of the product.

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