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Lydia Jivan
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Review by Lydia

Reve De Paris Eyeshadow Palette

Lydia reviewed the Reve De Paris Eyeshadow Palette by Moonshot in a video. She mentioned that the lip plumping gloss by e.l.f. in Mocha Twist was a subtle and pretty color that goes on smoothly. She also noted that it has a tingly feel to plump the lips, which she found pleasant. Based on her positive experience with the e.l.f. lip gloss, it can be inferred that Lydia may have similar positive expectations for the Reve De Paris Eyeshadow Palette. However, since the transcription does not provide any specific information about the eyeshadow palette, it is difficult to assess its benefits or potential drawbacks.

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Review by Lydia

Reve De Paris Eyeshadow Palette

Lydia, in her video review, discusses the Reve De Paris Eyeshadow Palette by Moonshot. She praises the palette for its versatile colors, mentioning that it can be used to create both wild and subtle looks. Lydia particularly likes the pigmentation and beauty of the shades, showcasing a green, dusty, and orange color called "lift off." However, she points out that the palette lacks a mirror, which she believes would be a useful addition. Overall, Lydia highly recommends the Reve De Paris Eyeshadow Palette for its pigmented shades and the ability to create various eye looks.

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