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Kenzy Daniels - kenzylane
Kenzy Daniels
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Video review of Veil Mineral Primer by Kenzy Daniels
Verified Buyer

Kenzy's video review of the Veil Mineral Primer by Hourglass highlights its effectiveness and luxurious texture. Kenzy mentions that the primer feels incredibly soft, like velvet, and holds makeup in place all day. This long-lasting performance impresses Kenzy, who expresses their love for the product and recommends others to try it. The review does not mention any drawbacks or potential issues with the primer. Overall, based on Kenzy's positive experience, the Veil Mineral Primer by Hourglass appears to be a high-quality cosmetic product that provides a smooth and long-lasting base for makeup application.

Video review of Sublime Perfection Foundation by Kenzy Daniels
Verified Buyer

Kenzy tried the Sublime Perfection Foundation in Light 2 color by Pat McGrath Labs and was pleasantly surprised. Unlike drugstore foundations, this one impressed her husband with its flawless finish. Despite its thin consistency, it dried down to a matte texture, leaving Kenzy obsessed with the results. The Skin Fetish Sublime Foundation not only performed well but also had beautiful packaging. Overall, Kenzy highly recommends this foundation for its impressive performance and aesthetic appeal.

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