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Maddi Sutton - maddie192
Maddi Sutton
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Video review of Dry Powder Travel Cleanser by Maddi Sutton
Verified Buyer

The Dry Powder Facial Cleanser by Lhamour - void is a unique product that caught Maddi's attention. Made of dry charcoal in powder form, this cleanser aims to provide a deep cleanse for the skin. Maddi purchased it to have separate cleansers for morning and evening routines. Although she doesn't wear makeup, she appreciates the cleanser's ability to remove impurities and exfoliate the skin. By adding water, the powder transforms into a paste-like consistency, allowing for easy application. While Maddi didn't feel a significant exfoliating effect, she acknowledges the benefits of using pure charcoal as a natural ingredient. Overall, the Dry Powder Facial Cleanser by Lhamour - void offers a gentle and natural cleansing experience, making it a suitable choice for those seeking a non-makeup removing cleanser with exfoliating properties.

Video review of Full Spectrum Cookies  Cream Oil 250mg by Maddi Sutton
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Maddi recently purchased the Full Spectrum Cookies Cream Oil 250mg by Penguin to help with her anxiety. She found it convenient to incorporate into her daily routine by adding it to her coffee or water. Maddi mentioned that the oil tastes great and can also be taken directly. She appreciates the fact that it is a liquid form, as she prefers not to take pills. The oil contains 250 milligrams of CBD, which is believed to help with pain as well. Overall, Maddi gives the product a perfect rating of five out of five, emphasizing its effectiveness and pleasant taste. Incorporating this CBD oil into your daily liquid routine may be a great way to experience its benefits.

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