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Cala Mazú - CalaMazu
Cala Mazú
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Former makeup artist, now singer songwriter


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Despite Cala's initial confusion, Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil by Lhamour - void offers promising benefits. Its rich vitamin C content can provide nourishment and rejuvenation to the skin. The oil's non-greasy texture makes it suitable for facial massages without leaving a heavy residue. While Cala mentioned concerns about staining, further research or guidance from tutorials can help address this issue.

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Cala, in her video review of the Perfume Mischievous In Tin by Lamazuna, shares her thoughts on this product. She received it as a gift from Flip and was initially surprised by its small size. However, she finds it convenient as it easily fits in her purse. The round shape of the tin was unexpected, but she likes it nonetheless. The perfume has a pleasant fruity scent, although Cala mentions that it sometimes falls out of the tin. To apply the perfume, she suggests melting it with your fingers and then applying it to your skin. Despite the minor issue of the perfume falling out, Cala loves the product and recommends it.

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The Perfume Mischievous In Tin by Lamazuna, as discussed by Cala in their video review, unfortunately falls short in terms of longevity. Cala expresses disappointment as the scent dissipates quickly after application, lasting only a minute or two at most. However, she finds a silver lining in using it as a hand hydrating alternative on the go, thanks to its nourishing ingredients. Despite this drawback, Cala's overall assessment is that the perfume does not meet her expectations as a long-lasting fragrance.

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