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Madison Applegate - mapplegatefidm
Madison Applegate
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LA based Stylist and Creative!


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Madison recently reviewed Supergoop's (Re)setting 100% Mineral Powder SPF 35 and was highly impressed. The product is a setting powder that also provides SPF 35 protection throughout the day. Madison found that the product was easy to use and provided a great mattifying and setting effect to the face. They also noted that the product was portable and could be easily thrown into a purse. Overall, Madison gave the product an enthusiastic recommendation, noting that it was a must-have for anyone looking to achieve a full glam look while also getting the added benefit of SPF protection.

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The High Pigment Pearl Lip Gloss in Sahara color by Jouer was reviewed by Madison in a video for Flip. Madison mentioned that she wanted to try a more neutral shade and described the color as a 90s cinnamon beige brown. She applied the lip gloss and mentioned that it looked good with a neutral eye and her hair. Madison noted that the consistency of the lip gloss was great, as it was not sticky and felt soft and smooth. She also mentioned that she loved all the products she had tried from Jouer so far. Overall, Madison seemed pleased with the lip gloss and its performance.

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Madison reviews the Duochrome Lip Gloss in the Beach Daze color by Jouer. She mentions that she has previously owned this lip gloss in more neutral shades and loves the formula, finding it super shimmery, soft on the lips, and hydrating. The Beach Daze color has a deeper tone with a hot pink tint, which Madison thinks is fun and bold for the right makeup look. She regrets not having it for a recent event but overall finds the formula to be really pretty. Based on Madison's review, the Duochrome Lip Gloss in Beach Daze offers a shimmery and hydrating formula, with the only potential drawback being its boldness.

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