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Mari Hsieh - mari.michelle
Mari Hsieh
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Hi to all my lovely Flip friends! Tune into my Live Shows for more exciting product reviews 🤍


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The Stack the Odds - Full Face Palette by Alleyoop is a versatile and convenient cosmetic product, according to Mari's video review. Priced at $38, it includes three separate cream-based products in one casing: blush, contour, and highlight. Mari praises the smooth application and long-lasting formula, with no creasing throughout the day. The colors are highly pigmented, and Mari particularly loves the beautiful highlight on the inner corners. The palette is compact and will last a long time. Overall, Mari highly recommends the Stack the Odds - Full Face Palette for its convenience, pigmentation, and longevity.

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The I'm Lip Jelly - Sugar Jelly in Sugar jelly color by I'M MEME is highly praised by Mari in their video review. They love the peach scent and the soft texture of the lip jelly, which feels more like a hydrating lip balm than a sticky lip gloss. The product comes in a cute tube with little hearts inside the gloss. It applies smoothly, leaving the lips soft and shiny. One of the key benefits is that it can be applied over any lipstick or lip product without altering the color, adding a beautiful shine. Mari plans to keep this lip jelly in their bag as a new favorite. Overall, the I'm Lip Jelly - Sugar Jelly is a non-sticky, peach-scented lip product that provides hydration and shine.

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The Smoke Balm Palette Vol.4 0.25oz by theBalm Cosmetics is highly recommended by Mari in their video review. Mari praises the palette for its three different shades, all of which are generously sized. The shimmer shade is particularly impressive, adding a pop of color and making the eyes appear more awake. Mari also mentions the superb pigmentation of all three shades. The bronzy maroon shade is described as beautiful and shiny, while the tan shade blends well with Mari's own skin tone. The favorite shade is not explicitly described, but Mari expresses absolute love for it. Overall, the Smoke Balm Palette Vol.4 is deemed worth trying out.

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