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Mari Castillo - simply_Marisol
Mari Castillo
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Video review of Women's Stretch-Knit Bamboo Kimono Robe by Mari Castillo
Verified Buyer

Mari's review of the Women's Stretch-Knit Bamboo Kimono Robe in Ivory color by Cozy Earth is filled with praise for this exceptional product. She highlights the robe's incredible stretchiness, which not only provides comfort but also adds a touch of luxury to its overall appearance. Mari cherishes her slow mornings, and thanks to Cozy Earth, she now enjoys them even more. With a cup of coffee in hand and a good book, she relishes the peaceful moments before the day gets busy. The robe's stretch-knit bamboo fabric truly sets it apart, offering a unique blend of comfort and style. Overall, Mari's review emphasizes the unmatched qualities of this kimono robe, making it an excellent choice for anyone seeking a cozy and elegant addition to their wardrobe.

Video review of The Five Minute Journal by Mari Castillo
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One of Mari's goals for this year was to journal more and focus on self-improvement. The Five Minute Journal - Original Linen by Intelligent Change in Original Linen color has been instrumental in helping her achieve this. This journal has made a significant impact on her daily routine and has truly changed her life for the better. Mari particularly loves the journal's emphasis on making each day great and expressing gratitude. The fact that the 5-Minute Journal is backed by science further reinforces its effectiveness. Overall, this product has proven to be a valuable tool for personal growth and self-reflection. However, it's important to note that the review does not mention any potential drawbacks or limitations of the journal.

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