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Andrea Martin - martinlynnrea1995
Andrea Martin
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beauty and good positive vibes


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Andrea recently shared her experience with the PressOn Nails in Mark0 color by PSYTONE Nails. She mentioned that these nails are incredibly strong and don't bend at all, which is great for avoiding any accidental damage. She did mention that she filed them down slightly because they were sharp, but overall, she loves how cute they look and how well they fit. In fact, these are the first press on nails that have fully fit her thumbs. Andrea expressed her satisfaction with using these nails and mentioned that she went five days without any fall off from a previous set, so she's excited to see how long these ones will last. Overall, Andrea is really pleased with her experience and invites others to follow her journey with these nails.

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Andrea is excited to review the Dark & Dangerous press-on nails by Lavaa Beauty. She mentions that she has seen many positive reviews about them and is eager to try them out. Opening the package, she finds that the nails come with everything she needs for application. Andrea is pleased to discover that they are easy to put on and loves how cute they look. As someone with wide nail beds, she often struggles to find press-on nails that fit her thumbs, but these nails come close. She mentions that she could easily fill in any gaps with matte nail polish if desired. Overall, Andrea gives the Dark & Dangerous press-on nails a glowing review, rating them 10 out of 10. She also mentions that the price is good, especially with Flip's 30% off discount. Andrea recommends these nails and mentions that they come in a variety of colors. She plans to do a review on the reddish color as well.

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Andrea provides her second review of the Seamless Fit Foundation Duo SC in SOFT BEIGE color by SIIA Cosmetics. She expresses her overall satisfaction with the foundation, describing it as lovely and stating that she really likes it. However, she mentions that she prefers using a Beauty Blender over the included brush, as it blends more smoothly and is easier to control. Despite this preference, Andrea appreciates the concept of the product and mentions that she received it as a free gift, which she is happy about. She concludes by stating that the foundation is great, but acknowledges that it may be more suitable for individuals who are willing to invest in high-end products. Overall, Andrea's review highlights the positive aspects of the Seamless Fit Foundation Duo SC, while also mentioning a potential drawback in terms of the brush's blending capabilities.

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