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Maryann Siharath - maryann.siharath
Maryann Siharath
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hey guys i voted on ur vids it would mean the world to me if you guys could like my videos 🤎 ill follow back if u post


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Review by Maryann

Video review of Lights Out Cream by Maryann Siharath

Maryann recently shared her thoughts on the Lights Out Cream by Karuna Skin. This night cream contains peptides, magnolia fruit peptides, and hyaluronic acid, which work together to provide a moisturizing and balancing effect on the skin. Maryann mentioned that the cream is a bit thick, but it is perfect for her skin type. She found that it leaves her skin feeling moisturized and balanced, while also minimizing the appearance of wrinkles. Maryann incorporates this cream as the final step in her skincare routine, occasionally using a jade roller to help it absorb better. Overall, Maryann had a positive experience with the Lights Out Cream and highly recommends it for those looking to combat the effects of daily stress on their skin.

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Review by Maryann

Maryann recently tried the Rosehip Fusion Oil by Measurable Difference and found it to be the perfect oil for her. She was impressed by how smoothly it applied and how quickly it absorbed into her skin. Although it did leave her looking a bit oily and greasy, she still considered it to be a good oil overall. Maryann was pleasantly surprised by the pleasant scent of the product and its ability to effectively moisturize her skin. However, she did mention that she found the smell to be particularly appealing. Despite accidentally spilling it on her legs, Maryann seemed to be quite satisfied with the product.

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