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Max Reeves Reeves
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Video review of Loose Blush by Max Reeves Reeves
Max Reeves
Max Reeves
Verified Buyer

The Loose blush by Jill Stuart Beauty is described as the cutest blush ever by Max in their video review. Max feels like a little princess while using it. The blush is praised for its light and beautiful color, which gives a subtle and natural look. Max likes the product overall. However, the review does not mention any potential drawbacks or specific benefits of the blush. Overall, the Loose blush by Jill Stuart Beauty seems to be a charming and natural-looking blush option.

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Max Reeves
Max Reeves
Verified Buyer

The Red Velvet 2 In 1 Applicator by MakeupDrop receives mixed reviews from Max. Comparing it to the original beauty blender, Max finds the Red Velvet firmer, resulting in less bouncing off the skin. However, Max does not find the silicone part of the applicator useful and mentions that it is difficult to wash. Max even tried washing it for five minutes without success. Overall, the Red Velvet 2 In 1 Applicator has its benefits in terms of firmness, but the silicone part may not be practical for everyone and could pose challenges when it comes to cleaning.

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Max Reeves
Max Reeves
Verified Buyer

The Expert Skinny Brow Pencil #02 Gray Brown by VDL is highly recommended by Max in their video review. Max praises the pencil for its thinness, allowing for precise hair-like strokes that create a natural effect. Although the shade may be slightly darker than Max's natural eyebrow color, they still appreciate the product. The pencil's pigmentation is great, and it is soft and easy to work with. Overall, the Expert Skinny Brow Pencil offers excellent results, providing a natural look with its fine strokes and easy application. Potential drawbacks are not mentioned in the review.

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