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McKinna  Pace - mckinnafaye
McKinna Pace
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Review by McKinna Pace

Plump Your Pucker Lip Gloss - Dramatize

TheBalm Cosmetics' Plump Your Pucker Lip Gloss in the shade Dramatize was reviewed by McKinna in a video. McKinna mentioned that the packaging and color of the lip gloss were appealing. She found the product to be smooth and didn't detect any flavor. Although she didn't experience any tingling sensation, she speculated that it might occur later or that the product is simply a lip gloss. Overall, McKinna liked the lip gloss, describing it as really pretty. However, she didn't provide any specific benefits or drawbacks of the product.

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Review by McKinna Pace

All In One Razor

McKinna recently reviewed the All In One Razor by Alleyoop, and she had some positive things to say about it. She mentioned that the packaging had a cute design, and she found it convenient that the razor came with a cap. The razor itself has two different razor heads and a spray that can be used as soap and water outside of the shower. McKinna liked the lather bar and found that the razor worked really well, leaving her legs feeling smooth. She also appreciated the compact size of the razor, as it can easily fit in her purse for touch-ups on the go. The only suggestion she had was to have two lather bars instead of two razor heads, as she felt she used more soap while shaving. Overall, McKinna had a positive experience with the All In One Razor by Alleyoop, finding it effective and convenient for her needs.

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