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Melissa Chataigne - melissachataigne
Melissa Chataigne
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Video review of Vanish Airbrush Concealer by Melissa Chataigne
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The Vanish Airbrush Concealer in Teak color by Hourglass was reviewed by Melissa in a video. Melissa mentioned that the concealer looked great on her skin and blended well with the brush provided. However, she expressed disappointment with its tendency to crease, which she found time-consuming to fix. Melissa compared it to the $7 Item Beauty Concealer and mentioned that she didn't need to use a setting powder with other brands like Item Beauty or Jouer Cosmetics. While she appreciated the nice color of the Hourglass concealer, she concluded that it may not be worth the money due to its creasing issue.

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The Honey Fluff Matte Lip Cream in Nudist color by Jason Wu Beauty has gained popularity, but Melissa suggests using a brown lip liner with it. She finds the color appealing but feels it looks a bit claymation on dark skin. However, she praises its smooth application and the texture it provides on the lips. The product has good staying power, but Melissa personally prefers a darker shade or using a brown lip liner to enhance the overall look. Overall, the Honey Fluff Matte Lip Cream offers a smooth and long-lasting formula, but it may not be the best choice for dark skin without additional enhancements.

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Melissa, a reviewer, is highly impressed with the Honey Fluff Matte Lip Cream in the Luminous color by Jason Wu Beauty. In her video review, she recommends prepping the lips with a brown liner before applying this matte lip cream. She describes the lip cream as fluffy, smooth, and natural-looking, thanks to its oil-infused formula. Melissa also mentions that she added a lip gloss for a finishing touch. Overall, the Honey Fluff Matte Lip Cream in Luminous color offers a delightful experience, providing a fluffy and smooth texture while delivering a natural beauty look. However, no potential drawbacks are mentioned in the transcription.

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