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Cheyenne Harinandan - Cheymh
Cheyenne Harinandan
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Review by Cheyenne

Dark Roast Premium Instant Coffee 8 Oz Bulk Bag

Cheyenne, a reviewer, shared her experience with the Dark Roast Premium Instant Coffee 8 Oz Bulk Bag by Waka Coffee & Tea. She mentioned that she has a background in Ethiopia and enjoys a good cup of espresso. When it comes to instant coffee, she prefers to use double the amount for a stronger flavor. According to Cheyenne, this instant coffee exceeded her expectations in terms of strength and flavor. She was particularly impressed with how beautifully it frosted. Cheyenne highly recommends this coffee and plans to purchase it again. Overall, her review highlights the Dark Roast Premium Instant Coffee as a must-have for coffee lovers seeking a strong and flavorful option.

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Review by Cheyenne

Barista Blend Oat Milk

Cheyenne, a reviewer, shares her positive experience with the Barista Blend Oat Milk by RISE Brewing Co. In her video review, she mentions that she received it as a free gift and decided to give it a try. Cheyenne appreciates the brand, as she has seen it used in coffee shops before. She decides to make an avocado smoothie using the oat milk. She starts by adding ice and sugar, and then blends it all together with the oat milk. The result is a delicious and creamy smoothie. Cheyenne highly recommends the Barista Blend Oat Milk, stating that it blends nicely and has a muted but delicious taste. She even mentions that she can see herself buying it again and again. Overall, Cheyenne's review highlights the product's creamy texture, great taste, and versatility in various recipes. She concludes by expressing her satisfaction with choosing this oat milk as her free gift, emphasizing that it was not a waste.

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Review by Cheyenne

Fittonia 'White'

Cheyenne, in her video review, shared her positive experience with the Fittonia 'White' byHouse Plant Shop. She mentioned that she ordered one plant, but it was a decent size, so she split it into two separate bases. Cheyenne was pleased with the health of the plants upon arrival and mentioned that they were nice and green. She also noted that the soil was moist but not overly wet, and after two weeks, the plants were still thriving. Cheyenne expressed her satisfaction by stating that she plans to order more to fill up her display, as it currently looks a bit bare. Overall, her review highlights the healthy condition of the plants and their ability to thrive over time.

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