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Mia Johnson - mia.lane.johnson
Mia Johnson
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a little to obsessed with skin and haircare


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Review by Mia Johnson

Blissy Dream Set  Standard  4CT

The Blissy - VOID Dream Set Standard 4CT by Blissy - VOID is a must-have for anyone looking to improve their hair quality. Mia, in her video review, highlights the various components of the set, including an eye mask, two scrunchies, a pouch, and a silk pillowcase. She mentions that she has noticed a significant difference in her hair, particularly with frizz, since using the silk pillowcase instead of cotton. Mia describes it as a game changer, emphasizing how her hair looks significantly better in the mornings. She highly recommends trying out a silk pillowcase for those with frizzy hair. Overall, the Blissy - VOID Dream Set offers a practical solution for managing frizz and achieving smoother hair.

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Review by Mia Johnson

CBD Muscle Balm

The CBD Muscle Balm by Laguna Herbals is a must-have for anyone who leads an active lifestyle. Mia, a fitness enthusiast, shares her positive experience with this product in her video review. She mentions that she and her partner both use it after their workouts at the gym. Mia has tried various muscle relief products and CBD items in the past, but she finds this balm to be particularly effective. She emphasizes that it provides great relief on recovery days, helping to relax and soothe muscles within minutes. Mia highly recommends this product for individuals who frequently experience soreness or engage in regular exercise. Overall, the CBD Muscle Balm by Laguna Herbals is a game-changer for post-workout recovery, offering noticeable benefits for muscle relaxation and relief.

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