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Lindsey Johnson - lindseylouwho
Lindsey Johnson
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wife,mom,addicted to makeup, skincare, and clothes! aging gracefully ❤️


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Video review of Oscillate Multi-Bene Stick by Lindsey Johnson
Verified Buyer

In summary, the OSCILLATE MULTI-BENE STICK by NOTO, as reviewed by Lindsey, offers a refreshing and lightweight formula. The minty freshness adds a pleasant touch to the application experience. The stick is versatile, working well on both lips and cheeks. Lindsey's positive endorsement of the product makes it a compelling choice for those looking for a multi-purpose lip and cheek color.

Video review of  by undefined
Verified Buyer

Lindsey is absolutely raving about the Eau de Parfum - Amande/Amande by Solinotes. According to her, this fragrance is a game-changer. With its delightful blend of almond and vanilla, it's a treat for the senses. Lindsey took a chance on this perfume and it paid off big time. She insists that everyone needs to experience its amazing scent. In fact, she rates it a perfect 10 out of 10. The fragrance is described as incredibly good, and Lindsey plans to get more of it. Overall, this review is a glowing endorsement of the Eau de Parfum - Amande/Amande by Solinotes, highlighting its delicious aroma and undeniable appeal.

Video review of Rooted Oil Roller by Lindsey Johnson
Verified Buyer

Lindsey, in their video review, shares their experience with the ROOTED OIL ROLLER by NOTO. They mention that the scent of the oil roller is reminiscent of licorice, with a strong anise flavor. Lindsey personally does not enjoy this earthy, licoricey scent, but acknowledges that it may appeal to those who prefer such fragrances. They appreciate the versatility of the product, as it can be applied to both the body and hair. Lindsey concludes by stating that while the scent is not to their liking, they still appreciate the concept behind the ROOTED OIL ROLLER. Overall, Lindsey's review highlights the unique scent of the product and its potential appeal to those who enjoy earthy fragrances.

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