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Mimi Kwok - intheflowbaby88
Mimi Kwok
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for reference: 5'2.5" 185lbs skin type: sensitive oily combo


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Review by Mimi

Cleanance Blemish Control Starter Kit

The Cleanance Blemish Control Starter Kit by Avene is a great option for those with oily and sensitive skin, according to Mimi's video review. She was particularly interested in the serum, as it helps combat shine on her face. Mimi appreciated that the kit had a long expiration date, ensuring she could use it for a while. The short ingredient list was also a plus for her. The pump form of the product was convenient, although she did mention a distinctive alcohol scent that eventually fades away. However, it does leave a slight tackiness on the skin, which Mimi didn't particularly like. Overall, the Cleanance Blemish Control Starter Kit seems to be a promising option for those looking to address oily skin concerns, but the tackiness after application may be a drawback to consider.

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Review by Mimi

Pillow Slides™ - Women's

Mimi recently received her Pillow Slides™ in the mail, opting for the Oat Latte color. She found the slides to be lightweight and comfortable, although they did make her feet a bit sweaty. The sizing was a bit tricky, with the ball of the foot feeling higher than the back. Mimi suggested sizing up if planning to wear them with socks. She also mentioned that soaking the slides in warm water can help speed up the molding process. While she couldn't comment on their long-term performance, Mimi's initial impressions were positive. Overall, the Pillow Slides™ offer a lightweight and comfortable option for casual wear, but potential buyers should consider the sizing and the possibility of sweaty feet.

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Review by Mimi

Tolerance Control Cream

Mimi, a reviewer with oily, sensitive, acne-prone skin, shares her experience with Avene's Tolerance Control Cream. She mentions that she usually reacts to treatment products, but incorporating this cream into her nighttime skincare routine has resulted in a significant improvement in the dryness and redness of her skin. The cream comes in a protective pump airtight packaging, which allows it to be formulated without preservatives. Despite being marketed for normal to combination skin, Mimi, with oily skin, did not experience any breakouts. However, she notes that the cream feels slightly heavier, so she prefers using it only at night. Mimi appreciates the inclusion of production and expiration dates on the bottle, and she believes that airtight packaging should be the industry standard. Overall, she considers the Tolerance Control Cream a keeper.

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