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Veronica Monteleone - VeroMarie04
Veronica Monteleone
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A woman who loves skin care, anti-aging products, and make up. Join me on this journey of self care. 😁


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Review by Veronica

Bamboo Cotton Buds 200ct

Veronica recently reviewed the Bamboo Cotton Buds 200ct by Zero Waste Club in a video. She was impressed by the brand's commitment to the environment, as indicated by the packaging that encourages tree planting. Veronica purchased these cotton buds for her upcoming travel plans and found them convenient to carry in a small container. She appreciated the eco-friendly disposal options mentioned on the packaging, such as upcycling the cotton or composting the sticks. With 200 sticks in a pack, Veronica found them effective for removing makeup. Overall, the Bamboo Cotton Buds by Zero Waste Club offer a sustainable alternative to traditional cotton buds, making them a great choice for environmentally conscious individuals.

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Review by Veronica

Hydrating Face Wash

Veronica shares her experience with the Hydrating Face Wash by Yu-Be in her video review. She mentions that she is familiar with the brand and trusts it because she has previously sampled their products. The face wash contains algae extract, which she believes will be beneficial for her skin. Veronica notes that the brand is known for its quality and mentions that she has also used their hand cream and body lotion, which she found to be effective. She expresses excitement about trying out the face wash and mentions that she believes Asian skincare brands, particularly Korean and Japanese ones, are known for their effectiveness. Overall, Veronica's review suggests that the Hydrating Face Wash by Yu-Be is a promising product with a trusted brand behind it.

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Review by Veronica

Stippling Blush Brush

Veronica is impressed with the Stippling Blush Brush by LYS Beauty, as she couldn't resist getting her hands on it. She mentions that the brush is affordable and versatile, making it a great addition to anyone's makeup routine. The triangular shape of the brush allows for precise application, especially in hard-to-reach areas. Veronica recommends using it with cream blushes, as it blends seamlessly and provides a natural finish. She also notes that the brush is of high quality and incredibly soft. Overall, Veronica is pleased with her purchase and sees no downsides to this $15 gem. The Stippling Blush Brush by LYS Beauty seems to be a reliable and effective tool for achieving flawless makeup looks.

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