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Niki Detrich
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Niki Detrich
Niki Detrich
Verified Buyer

The Makeup Sponge 6pk by ZOE AYLA - VOID is highly recommended by Niki in their video review. Niki emphasizes that these beauty sponges are life-changing for makeup wearers, as they provide a flawless application for foundation, concealer, and blush. The set includes six different shapes, allowing users to find their preferred style. Niki particularly favors the flat-edged sponge for blush application and the rest for concealer and foundation. They also mention that these sponges are affordable and long-lasting if properly washed and reused. Overall, the Makeup Sponge 6pk by ZOE AYLA - VOID offers great value, versatility, and a flawless makeup application experience.

Video review of Mystery Flash Tint by Niki Detrich
Niki Detrich
Niki Detrich
Verified Buyer

The Mystery Flash Tint in the color Chili Pop by I'M MEME is a lip stain that provides a subtle and natural brick red color. The packaging is beautiful and the product comes with a convenient doe foot applicator. Niki demonstrates how to apply the tint, starting with a small amount in the center of the lips and blending it out with a finger. The result is a pretty, natural bitten look that can be enhanced with a clear gloss on top. Overall, Niki suggests trying out this lip tint for those who want a natural and trendy look for their lips.

Video review of  by Niki Detrich
Niki Detrich
Niki Detrich
Verified Buyer

The LastRound - Washable Cotton Round 7ct by LastObject is a game-changer according to Niki's video review. These reusable and sustainable cotton rounds are the perfect alternative to makeup wipes. Packaged in recycled materials, they can be used up to a thousand times with proper care, making them a low-waste option compared to regular cotton rounds. Niki uses them for makeup removal, suggesting they work well with micellar water. The LastRound offers versatility, serving the same purpose as traditional cotton rounds. Overall, Niki highly recommends making the switch to these eco-friendly alternatives, as they not only benefit the environment but also leave users feeling good about their sustainable choice.

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