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Nina Avroneva - ninaneena
Nina Avroneva
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i love skincare 😵‍💫 follow me on insta for more 💘


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Review by Nina Avroneva

Everyday Essentials - 5ct

The Everyday Essentials - 5ct by Real Techniques is reviewed by Nina in her video review. She compares it to the Beauty Blender, stating that she finds the Real Techniques brushes to be of high quality and not prone to pilling like other beauty blenders. She particularly loves the expert face brush for contouring and the fluffy blush brush for a natural blush. Nina also praises the firmness of the bristles. However, she mentions that Real Techniques could improve by offering more variety in their product range. Overall, the Everyday Essentials - 5ct by Real Techniques receives positive feedback for its natural and easy-to-use application, high-quality bristles, and versatility.

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Review by Nina Avroneva

Stack The Odds - Sassy Pants

The Alleyoop Stack The Odds - Sassy Pants is a blush and contour kit that impressed Nina in her video review. The kit includes a blush, a medium bronzer, and a peachy blush, all of which are creamy and highly pigmented. Nina was particularly impressed with the blendability of the products. She rates the kit a solid eight out of ten, highlighting its creamy yet pigmented formula. Overall, the Alleyoop Stack The Odds - Sassy Pants is a high-quality cosmetic product that delivers impressive results. However, the review does not mention any potential drawbacks of the product.

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Review by Nina Avroneva

Long Wear Crème Liquid Lip

Nina, in her video review, shares her thoughts on the Long Wear Crème Liquid Lip in the Petale de rose color by Jouer. She finds the packaging chic and minimal, and the color flattering, especially for a night out. Despite not being a fan of matte formulas, she appreciates the rich and moisturizing texture of this lip cream. Nina feels that it is not heavy on the lips and would be perfect for creating a cute and stylish look. Overall, she is impressed with the product and believes it would be ideal for special occasions or evening wear.

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