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Bri Tiedeman - Britiedeman
Bri Tiedeman
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♡All tingz beauty ♡ Makeup is my happy place :) Follow for cool product reviews .


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Review by Bri

Send Nudes Silk Faux Lashes

The Send Nudes Silk Faux Lashes by Lash Pop were reviewed by Bri in a video review. Bri showcased a before and after look with the lashes applied, highlighting how they can elevate any look. According to Bri, these lashes are not only beautiful on the eyes but also super comfortable to wear. The key benefits of the product include its ability to enhance one's appearance and its comfort. However, the review does not mention any potential drawbacks or negatives about the product. Overall, based on Bri's review, the Send Nudes Silk Faux Lashes by Lash Pop seem to be a great cosmetic product for those looking to enhance their eye makeup.

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Review by Bri

Playful Pink Blush Kit - 50pk

The Playful Pink Blush Kit - 50pk by Mai Couture is a unique and innovative blush product, as highlighted by Bri in their video review on Flip. The kit includes 50 sheets of blush paper and a sponge with an adhesive sticker. To apply the blush, you simply dip the sponge into the blush and it picks up a piece of blush paper. The pigmentation of the blush is impressive, and once applied, you can easily peel off the paper and discard it. The blush leaves a beautiful shade of pink on the skin. Overall, Bri gives this product a perfect score of 10 out of 10, praising its concept and effectiveness.

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Review by Bri

First Love Premium Silk Faux Lashes

The First Love Premium Silk Faux Lashes by Lash Pop, as reviewed by Bri, are highly praised for their packaging and beautiful appearance. Bri appreciates the convenience of being able to remove the lollipop stick for on-the-go use. After trimming the lashes to fit her eye, she found them easy to apply and comfortable to wear. The lashes make a noticeable difference, adding volume and fluffiness. Bri considers them her new favorite lashes, suitable for all eye shapes due to their versatile style. Overall, the lash band is flexible and lightweight, making them a desirable choice. With their attractive design and comfortable wear, these lashes are a must-have addition to anyone's beauty routine.

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