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Maria Mazzella - occhibellimarone
Maria Mazzella
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photographer📷. breast cancer warrior 💪💪makeup and fashion enthusiast.💄🌆nyc girl giving honest reviews 🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️


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Maria, a lip balm enthusiast, raves about the 3 Piece Lip Set - Watermelon & Coconut by Blossom in her video review. She emphasizes the importance of lip oils for year-round lip care and praises this set for its variety. The set includes two lip glosses and a lip balm, all of which Maria finds moisturizing. She particularly loves the Roland lip gloss for its moisturizing properties and fabulous scent. Maria also mentions that one of the lip glosses is color-changing, adding to the set's appeal. Overall, the 3 Piece Lip Set - Watermelon & Coconut by Blossom seems to be a great addition to any lip care routine, offering hydration and a pleasant fragrance.

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Maria received the Blossom Lip Gloss Trio, which includes Coconut, Watermelon, and Purple Lip Balm. She expresses her excitement about the variety of products she received, including the Moon Floride Two Piece, Elf, Vanilla, Mega Babe, and ColourPop Blue Velvet Shadow. Maria mentions her love for the Juicy Balms and is eager to review all the items with her audience. Although she does not provide specific details about the performance or quality of the 3 Piece Lip Set, her enthusiasm suggests that she is pleased with the product. Overall, the Blossom Lip Gloss Trio seems to offer a diverse range of flavors and colors, making it an appealing choice for lip gloss enthusiasts.

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The Moonshine Hydrating Primer by JUNO & Co is praised by Maria for its stunning packaging, resembling a galaxy of stars. She mentions purchasing it on sale for a great price. Maria demonstrates the product's texture, describing it as thick and buttery. She highlights its dual function as a primer and moisturizer, noting its wonderful hydrating properties. Maria is impressed by the glow and shine it provides, suggesting that it can be worn alone without foundation. Overall, the Moonshine Hydrating Primer receives high praise for its packaging, moisturizing abilities, and luminous finish. No drawbacks are mentioned in the review.

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