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Lindsay Smith - ourwildbeauty
Lindsay Smith
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balancing a love for beauty with a love for the outdoors


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The Last Pen Eyeliner - Sharpen Brown in Brown color by BBIA is highly praised by Lindsay in her video review. She loves how the eyeliner applies smoothly and evenly, providing a nice and opaque finish. Lindsay also mentions that the eyeliner is easy to control, allowing for precise application. During her wear test, she found that the eyeliner held up well, even after six hours of wear. While there was a slight wear-off on her lid, Lindsay still enjoyed using this eyeliner and overall, she thinks it looks just as good as when she first applied it. Overall, the Last Pen Eyeliner - Sharpen Brown in Brown color by BBIA is a reliable and long-lasting option for achieving a defined and controllable eyeliner look.

Video review of bye panda eyes! smudge proof mascara by Lindsay Smith
Lindsay Smith
Lindsay Smith
Verified Buyer

The Essence Bye Bye Panda Eyes Smudge Proof Mascara, reviewed by Lindsay, is described as a fine mascara that provides a good amount of lift to the lashes. However, Lindsay mentions that it falls throughout the day and requires multiple swipes to achieve the desired length. The mascara is said to lack volume. Despite these drawbacks, Lindsay believes it is worth a try for those looking for an affordable option. They mention that it is not the worst mascara they have tried and will continue using it. Overall, the mascara is considered decent but may not replace Lindsay's favorite options.

Video review of Virgo Medium Wispy Lashes by Lindsay Smith
Lindsay Smith
Lindsay Smith
Verified Buyer

Lindsay, in her video review, shares her experience with the Virgo Medium Wispy Lashes by GLAMNETIC. She finds these lashes to be incredibly easy to use, thanks to the magnetic felt tip eyeliner. Although she mentions that the liner didn't go on smoothly, she attributes it to the presence of a yellow water-based liner underneath. Despite this, Lindsay manages to apply the liner and lashes successfully, highlighting how effortless the process was. She even tests the lashes by giving them a gentle tug, just like in the Instagram ads, and they stay in place. Overall, Lindsay considers these lashes a game changer, especially for those who struggle with lash glue and traditional lashes.

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